Gold Garden

is your garden

Located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, the homeland of Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines, “Ge Yuan” is celebrated as one of the most historic gardens in China. Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is inspired by and dedicated to “Ge Yuan”, by capturing its essence through authentic Huaiyang and Shanghai cuisines in fine dining experience shared with food and culture enthusiasts.

Concept and Philosophy

Incubated by award-wining interior design company In Cube Design, Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is the brainchild of renowned interior designer Vincent Chiang. Inspired by “Ge Yuan” in Yangzhou, Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine is your second home of Shanghainese cuisine from home.

The Taste

of Shanghai

Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine aims at recreating the authentic tastes of traditional Shanghai dishes. Highly flavoured seasoning and thick sauce — Gold Garden Shanghai Cuisine adopts the traditional receipts, which emphasis on highlighting the layers of flavours and colours of dishes contributing to allrounded stimulations to all senses. Stay informed and find promotions

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